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We are the benchmark for comparison in every aspect of financial management business and relationships in Western Canada.

Our Core Process

Customized planning to suit your life

We believe in precision. We are detail-oriented, but approachable and take the time to listen. Every client leaves a meeting with the feeling that they’ve been heard.

Integrated wealth management for Western Canada’s top leaders and business owners

We partner with clients to manage their complete financial life, and provide guidance using a simplified communication process to show them their wealth opportunities.

We change the way you think about the way your money is managed.

The Plan First Team Experience

An exclusive wealth management experience unavailable anywhere else, The Plan First Team brings professionalism, expertise and a level of empathy to every client portfolio.

The Plan First Team of Assante Financial Management Ltd. represents the strength of a large company with the personality and service of a top floor boutique. Through an integrated process, we show you how to reach your wealth ambitions.

Precision in Execution

Communicate simply. Manage every detail.

The Plan First Team is for those looking for a comprehensive, all encompassing, and discrete place to manage their financial life. We are for those who recognize the value in financial literacy, but seek the expertise to manage it.